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Post by DirtyRedFace on Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:58 pm

Forum Rules
1. Be aware that the CC consists of mature members from all different cultures and races. You must remain respectful to everyone, no racism will be tolerated. We realize that not everyone can love each other but we can all show a common respect.

2. Have a sense of humor. We joke around a lot and it's always in fun, however, we never cross the line.

3. Just use common sense! If you have any problems with other member please PM DirtyRedFace

Basic Clan Rules and Guidelines

1. [CC] does not tolerate cheating or glitchers of any sorts.
2. All members will respect teammates and other players.
3. Understand that you represent CC. Don't trash talk the general public too much or make an ass out of yourself online as it is a direct reflection of our group.
4. We are dedicated to the Colorado Crew and no member shall play for multiple clans.
5. [CC] members should stay active in the forum and the website to keep up on the events of the clan.
6. We do not care about your rank, kills, deaths, etc. We are here to have fun and have a good time while gaming.

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